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A Buying Guide for a Water Pump

A water pump is a hydraulic machine that is designed to increase the mechanical energy or pressure of water or other liquids. These machines are mainly used to help in moving cold and hot water in compact systems. The common places where you can find these pumps include schools, commercial outlets, hospitals, and households.

People use water pumps of various uses like filling their swimming pools and pumping water from water wells or boreholes. There are different models and types of water waters on the market. One of the most recognizable water pumps is lowara pumps. Buyers should buy machines that meet their needs or specific requirements. This post is going to highlight the essential factors that you must consider when purchasing a water pump.

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GPM Discharge Capacity

The GPM discharge capacity is a measure that shows how powerful and quick a liquid moved through the pump. In essence, it is the flow rate of water from its sources to the discharge pint. It is measured in gallon or meters cubic per minute. A pump with a high GPM discharge capacity moves water very fast.

Maximum Head Lift

This is the total height from the discharge point to the pump. The maximum head lift is a significant figure that tells how powerful a water pump is. It also determines the maximum distance where the puma can move water.

Vertical Suction Lift

The vertical lift of a pump is the vertical distance from where the pump is stationed to the water source. If you are planning to buy a machine for draining a flooded basement or pond, then you should calculate the distance to ensure that the pump chosen can pump water to that height.

Size of the Inlet

The inlets of water pumps range from one to six inches. A machine with a big size of an inlet can pump more water as compared to one with a small inlet. Such a has a high discharge, meaning it can machine can do the job very fast.

water pump machineEfficiency

Efficiency is another important factor that must be factored in when choosing a water pump. It is a ration of the power supplied and the actual power absorbed by a water pump. In simple terms, the efficiency of a water pump of the mechanical power that an electric motor can transfer.


Speed is the number of revolutions that a machine executes in a given time. The speed of a water pump is measured by counting the number of revolutions made by the pump in one minute. It is mainly determined by the power of the motor and the frequency of the power supply. Pump with higher speeds is more powerful than those with low speeds.…

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